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To catch, suspend, or connect with a hook. Slang To steal; snatch. To fasten by a hook. To pierce or gore with a hook. To take strong hold of; captivate: To cause to become addicted.

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To get into one’s hands, control, or possession, especially: To grasp or grip: To capture physically; seize:

4: to make (something, such as a rug) by drawing loops of yarn, thread, or cloth through a coarse fabric with a hook.

Examples of hook in a Sentence Noun She hit a hook into the left rough. He threw a right hook to his opponent’s body. Verb The train cars were hooked together. My sweater was hooked on a branch. I hooked the door shut. The dress hooks in the back. The two parts hooked together. He hooked a large fish.

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Limits of Voronoi Diagrams We store information on the geometry of three distinct points in hooks, see Figure 7. Physico-chemical modelling of target depletion during hybridisation on oligonulceotide microarrays Estimates of expression levels using algorithms such as the hook method and the inverse Langmuir method have to date ignored target depletion and therefore been based on the assumption of a hyperbolic Langmuir isotherm.

Physico-chemical modelling of target depletion during hybridisation on oligonulceotide microarrays Local depletion, on the other hand, is predicted to entail an antisymmetric hook curve. Physico-chemical modelling of target depletion during hybridisation on oligonulceotide microarrays For instance, once after a colloquium talk on continued fractions he got hooked on the sub ject and redeveloped the theory for himself over one weekend, eventually solving the problem exposed in the talk.

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Analysis of Using Browser-native Technology to Build Rich Internet Applications for Image Manipulation The use of this connector not just allows to use any cell phone charger independent of the brands of charger and cell phone, but also give the opportunity to hook up the phone to a normal PC using a standardized and cheap USB cable which will allow to charge the phone. Limits of Voronoi Diagrams We found a place behind the weather station where the launch tower was in full view at a distance of about 4 km and we were told that the weather station personnel would hook up a loud speaker to listen to mission control.

Snarks from a Kaszonyi perspective: Criticality in the Integer Quantum Hall Effect The total current entering the network from the left, Il is proportional to the chemical potential of the reservoir hooked up to the network on that side, while the chemical potential on the right is zero, as no current enters from this side. On extensions and branching rules for modules close to completely splittable The sensor is hooked up to an automated X-Y translational stage which scans for the electric field component of the microwaves in the region of interest as shown in Fig.

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The links below as an example of the internal links that make SoccerHelp Premium easy to use. Premium has 1, pages, 5, links and 70 exclusive SoccerHelp Practice Games. Midfielder is more commonly used in soccer today. Soccer Halfback Half-Volley – Kicking the ball the instant it starts to bounce up after it hits the ground. See ” Drop Kick “.

Soccer Half-Volley Halfway Line – The line across the middle of the length of the field that splits it into two halves.

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Write what you mean clearly and correctly. References in classic literature? Or the Prime Minister entirely supports Hook,” said Horne Fisher, and began idly to knock the balls about on the billiard table. Hook has done a lot of big things in his time–the great deal in the Swedish timber trade and the Peace Conference at Chicago–but I doubt whether he cares now for any of those big things as he cares for those little fish.

Believe me, Hook only does it for fun, like any other sport, only he’s of the kind that takes his fun sadly. View in context Scores of the murderous-looking hooks flashed into sight as we cleared the anchor, and we had just started to run along the line to the end where we could begin to lift it, when a sharp thud in the boat startled us.

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It will determine whether the reader or publisher decides to keep reading or toss your book aside. Think of it this way: Or if that Hitler stache is just too creeptastic and you want to hightail it out of there first chance you get.

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My Profile Dictionary Week: Day1 — Confidence This entry was posted on 22 April, by jayrando , in Dictionary Week , Personal Development and tagged Belief , believing , Confidence , conscious , Dictionaries , Dictionary , english , experience , feel , Feeling , improvement , know , knowing , Knowledge , learn , learning , mean , meaning , Meaning linguistics , means , Neologism , power , secure , security , Self , Self-confidence , Self-help , sub-conscious , Vocabulary Lists , Word , words.

Some words may have nothing to do with the more serious Improvement of the self but just remember learning new words each and every day can be quite fun. In the ends its all learning and knowledge. Confidence is triggered by temporary moments or events that happen in our life; you may get a new t-shirt or you may pass an exam and this feeling of achievement or empowerment while temporary it is confidence and gives you energy and re-assurance that what you have got or have is something that makes you feel good about yourself.

The basic meaning of Confidence is to feel assured of yourself in moments but basic confidence is formed from situations that happen in our lives. You are the one generating a constant feeling of confidence just by believing constantly you are confident and that you are assured, this is not temporary. This confidence resides in you all the time and is usually part of your self training or rather you ability to be quite secure in your own two shoes.

People who are Self-confident can still use outside sources for normal confidence boosts but rely mostly on what they have on the inside i. Confidence is an attractive trait but if you can be Self-Confident you will find that while things in daily life give you boosts of confidence if you are self confident you will need to seek less Confidence through finding ways to boost it. That might sound crazy but the badness of a situation can still be enjoyed depending and this keeps you assured even in a moment where things seem glum or lost.

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The doors of deception, Part 3. This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. For many readers, it will be a rehash. Its value, we believe, lies in evidence that the mainstream media and other official sources effectively confused the public with misleading photography and contradiction concerning the timeline of events.

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Here’s the scoop on some of the basic twists used in balloon sculpture. By combining these twists in various ways you can create thousands of figures from your balloons. More twists will be added as the need arises. Lock Twist Twist two bubbles, usually about the same size. Bring opposite ends together so that the two bubbles are parallel and touching each other. Twist them together to lock in place. This is the most common method of making legs and ears on simple figures.

Loop Twist Fold Twist This is a lot like the lock twist, but it is done with one long bubble instead of two shorter ones. Just take a long bubble, fold it back on itself, and twist the two ends together. This is good for large ears, hands or feet on multiple balloon figures. Pinch Twist Ear Twist Twist a 1 to 1. Then twist the two ends of the same bubble together. This makes an ear-shaped bubble that is good for ears, lips, or sometimes to hold another bubble in place.

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