A certified Vital Record, such as a certified birth certificate, is a legal document that is certified by the state. It typically has an embossed seal and can be requested through the state’s Vital Records Office. Other forms of Vital Records, including souvenir or ceremonial records, may not be valid for legal purposes. Are Vital Records open to the public? Yes, in most states Vital Records are considered public records, which means they are available to the public. In certain cases, Vital Records may only be available to the individual named in the record or their legal representatives, and some states restrict access to certain Vital Records for a period of time to protect people’s privacy. What Vital Records are available at the National Archives? The National Archives and Records Administration NARA does not hold birth, death, marriage, or divorce records, which are created by local authorities. NARA does maintain census records dating back to , as well as casualty lists from the U. Laconia People Search Records.


Centuries before the birth of Christ, the practice of stamping an official seal on documents was common. It is a public office open to the legal profession and general public for researching the records. In addition to deeds, mortgages, liens and attachments, there are many other types of documents pertaining to land records filed with the Registry, for example covenants for developments, condo association by-laws etc.

This office provides information to the 10 towns and 1 city in Belknap County, regarding the sale of properties for tax purposes.

How the Boston Jewish Film Festival can be a place for healing amid tragedy.

Acceptance in the Early Church From the earliest days, Galatians has been accepted as an important letter from the pen of the Apostle Paul. Among the earliest references to it are found in Clement, Ignatius, and Polycarp. It is considered one of Paul’s most important epistles. No serious challenge to its authenticity has ever been entertained, even in the last century, when the authenticity of so many others was called into question.

Location of the Galatian Churches But that doesn’t mean it has escaped controversy. One of the issues yet to be resolved to universal satisfaction is the very location of the Galatian churches to which Paul was writing.

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Kiama Attractive and popular south coast holiday town Kiama is a well-known and much-favoured coastal resort located km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway. It is characterised by dramatic rocky coastline, sandy beaches and an attractive harbour. The hinterland behind the town is dominated by lush green dairy pastures, and rolling hills which were once clad in dense subtropical forests.

A vivid impression of the original landscape has been left by a local mill manager’s daughter who wrote: Huge lianas, some as thick as a man’s arm, hung down snakelike from the trees.

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He started working on the script in after reading a book about the Laconia. But in this case there was the most remarkable and wonderful act of generosity. He represented what we all believe and hope that humanity might be. Since the end of the Second World War, Germany has struggled to come to terms with the actions and legacy of the Nazis. The existence of a high-ranking Nazi who had decided to allow his moral conscience to override his military duty raised awkward questions.

Were all senior Nazis as thoroughly wicked as modern Germans are taught? The Allies had a further reason to keep quiet about the Laconia. When an inexperienced US air crew identified the Nazi U-boat they were ordered to bomb it, despite the daisy-chain of rafts and the horde of survivors and giant Red Cross-style flag strewn across its hull. Nazis and Allies alike were killed in the attack, which forced Hartenstein to abandon his rescue mission, cut the life-rafts adrift and dive for safety.

Mirroring the internationalist theme of its story, The Sinking of the Laconia is an Anglo-German co-production which will also air on the German national broadcaster, ARD.

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This webpage has not been updated in some time. For the most recent, current version of this webpage, please visit: A Gypsy Tour was an overnight event, with organized road rides and other activities of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts, where groups of riders would converge on a favorite destination. The term Gypsy was used because the riders would travel long distances, and often sleep in tents around a campfire along the way, much like the Hollywood stereotype.

Gypsy Tours were held in various parts of the country, and typically occured on the same weekend every year.

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A Spotswood factory under the West Gate Bridge has sold. Rockefeller family sells Spotswood factory A high-profile western suburb investment bought 11 years ago by a consortium including the late Herman Rockefeller, who died following a notorious homicide, has sold off-market. At Simcock Avenue, Spotswood, the 1. For years the property has been the Spotswood Terminal of Cootes Transport, controlled by Mark Rowsthorn’s trucking company McAleese, which went into voluntary administration last August.

JLL represented the Rockefeller family including Robert, who is particularly active in Tasmania’s property sector and was once president of that state’s Property Council of Australia’s division. Brothers Robert and Herman are reportedly cousins of the late Nelson Rockefeller, a former vice-president of the United States. General Mills offers Mt Waverley plant Five months after announcing it would shut its Victorian operations and relocate to an extended premises in Sydney’s Rooty Hill — General Mills has listed an enormous site at the edge of Mount Waverley’s industrial precinct.

General Mills has occupied Ricketts Road for more than 20 years. It expanded the site in to include chilled meals capabilities. The property is being promoted by Colliers International’s Justin Fried and Jonathan Mercuri for its development potential. Office and showroom developers along with industrial investors and occupiers, are being targeted in the campaign. Two more properties in this portfolio — in Blackburn North and Mentone — were reported as exchanging the week before the expressions of interest campaign closed on April Following a decade of dwindling patronage and a push by environmentalist to repurpose the land as wildlife habitat, a representative of the company that ran the course for council said late last year that the course would shut.

However, after reviewing 60 ideas and exploring three in more detail with a specially convened panel, council decided retaining golf onsite is the most financially sensible option.

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This success was soon followed by the submission of the restive Tsakones on Mount Parnon , the Slavic Melingoi tribe of Mount Taygetos , and the inhabitants of the Mani peninsula , thereby extending his sway over all of Laconia and completing the conquest of the peninsula, which had begun in , in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade. Two years later, the Nicaeans recaptured Constantinople , putting an end to the Latin Empire and restoring the Byzantine Empire.

At this point, the emperor concluded an agreement with the captive prince: William and his men would be set free in exchange for an oath of fealty, and for the cession of Monemvasia, Grand Magne, and Mystras. Initially this governor kephale was changed every year, but after they started being appointed for longer terms. The first Byzantine attempts to subdue the Principality of Achaea were beaten back in the battles of Prinitsa and Makryplagi , but the Byzantines were firmly ensconced in Laconia.

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The first refers primarily to the main cluster of settlements in the valley of the Eurotas River: Herodotus seems to denote by it the Mycenaean Greek citadel at Therapne , in contrast to the lower town of Sparta. It could be used synonymously with Sparta, but typically it was not. It denoted the terrain on which Sparta was situated. Sparta on the other hand is the country of lovely women, a people epithet.

The name of the population was often used for the state of Lacedaemon:

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Laconia was a third, albeit minor, producer of the style in the first half of the 6th century B.C. The more than 20, surviving black figure vessels make it possible not only to identify artists and studios, but they also provide the oldest and most diverse representations of Greek mythology, religious, social, and sporting practices.

Search 25 Best Places to Visit in Greece Greece is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Visitors flock to the country to experience its world-famous beaches, sunny summers, raucous nightlife, beautiful natural attractions, and ancient historical sites. Home to one of the most famous ancient civilizations, Greece has a cultural history dating back many centuries. The village sits in a picturesque location at the base of Mount Parnassos and is a popular winter getaway that is a favorite among skiers.

Mount Parnassos also has the biggest downhill ski resort in the country. Arachova is a dreamy mountain ski town with fully modern facilities for tourists. You may even sight a celebrity or two, so keep your eyes open. The town also has a vibrant nightlife, which attracts young Athenians and tourists alike to its bars and clubs. During the summer, a range of hiking trails and mountain tours provide beautiful views of the beautiful scenery near Arachova.

The city has been occupied by many conquerors throughout the centuries, and many of these erected stunning monuments. Today the city is a bustling, modern metropolis, but charming historical features lie just below the surface.


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Sparta / Laconia (Lacedaemon) Laconia (or Lacedaemon) was the name of the wider city state which was centred on the city of Sparta, although the name of Sparta has since superseded that of Laconia to encompass both city and state.

NH Railroads Note about my photographs: The date may be removed if I crop the photograph. In order to preserve the fidelity of the data, I have not made any adjustment of exposure or color with software. The hotel closed in , the year after the demolishment of the railroad depot a few blocks southeast of the hotel. The hotel building is now mostly occupied by one law firm. Main Street and Storrs Street are adjacent parallel streets, but separated by two city blocks.

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